Tom Veert Contracting is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all workplace parties.

Working with different safety organizations to ensure we have the proper training to meet and exceed all safety regulations. Following a safety program that includes workplace risk assessments, workplace inspections, safety talks, proper training, worker orientation, incident reporting and incident investigation. Through worker involvement and participation we believe we can make a safer workplace for tomorrow. 


Tom Veert Contracting Ltd. is committed to complete customer satisfaction.  We will strive for quality by continually improving our services and products to provide excellence and be a leader in our field. Using our QMS will help us achieve our customer satisfaction goals.  QMS refers to a system that has three main components quality control, quality assurance and quality improvements.  We value customer feedback and use regular meetings to keep effective communication. 



We at Tom Veert Contracting come from an area where enjoying nature is a way of life. Whether you enjoy hunting, fishing camping or all three everyone here has the same love for mother nature. Through experience and training all our employees are educated in the need and know how to maintain a clean environment. Through risk assessments, workplace inspections, and training we can minimize or eliminate any potential hazard. At Tom Veert Contracting we know the importance of being prepared for an environmental emergency. From having the proper training and equipment to deal with an environmental incident to having an emergency preparedness plan and procedures to follow. Let’s keep it green!

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